In Love: Nathan + Jessica | White Rabbit Studios

Jessica and Nathan are one of those couples that need little or no direction to show off their love for the camera. I met them at Stephanie and Sean's going away party before their big move to Portland. Thankfully, they moved back and Stephanie and I got to spend a glorious morning with them watching them flirt and be lovey dovey.


IMG_2840 IMG_2858


IMG_2930 P7100772



I just had to chime in and say another thanks to Jessica and Nathan! I've known Jessica for quite a few years--we met at college and majored in the same two disciplines and therefore had numerous classes together. Jessica was always one of my favorite classmates, and it was tons of fun to shoot both she and Nathan and watch the love one another. These two were absolutely perfect--adorable, open, and happy to flirt away for the camera. Both Ashley and I were more than aware that we were shooting a couple truly in love!



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